iCarly: The Movie is the first movie adaptation for nickelodeon’s hit TV show iCarly to be featured in theaters.


Graduation is coming, and with that, the end of Freddie, Sam and Carly’s final year of high school. As they start taking different paths on their lives, Carly realizes this might be the end of iCarly. Carly is going to New York, Freddie is going to YALE, and Sam is going to California – she’s not getting into college, though. Gibby is still in high school and Spencer realizes that there is nothing left for him in Seattle, while Marissa Benson is also having a hard time on letting go of Freddie. Carly and her friends stop ignoring the problem and they all sit together to talk about what is going to happen to iCarly. Carly suggest they still do it, even if from the distance, but Freddie says that would never work. Sam suggests that they find new people to be on the show, but Carly and Freddie also shut this idea down. Freddie then suggests that maybe they should just end the show. They agree, and as so, they proceed to record the very last iCarly. Meanwhile, Sokko comes to Spencer with a proposition that might be just what he needed, and Marissa gets herself a love interest – Dr. Alex Stevens, who’s overly protective of his 12 years old daughter just like Marissa is of Freddie. The kids graduate and proceed to leave Washington. Spencer is now Sokko’s business partner in a line of exclusive socks, Marissa is flirting with Dr. Stevens. The three “kids” say their final goodbyes before getting in different planes. Sam and Freddie share a final kiss.

The movie takes a jump, 10 years into the future. A 29 years old Carly and a 30 years old Sam entering a studio with a live audience, introducing themselves (as each other), and saying “And this is iCarly!”, followed by the opening sequence starting to play on the big screen behind them. The opening then takes the screen. It is a version of the show’s opening sequence, only the theme song is played by Carly and Sam (adult!Carly and adult!Sam), and the clips are from them as grownups and the credits say “Carly Shay”, “Sam Puckett” and “Executive Producer: Freddie Benson”. Once the opening sequence is over we see Carly, Sam and Freddie sitting together in a sofa, watching iCarly – now on the TV – and celebrating.