iCarly: The Sequel, also known as i2, is the second movie adaptation of Nickelodeon’s hit TV show iCarly. The movie is set in two different places in time, following the events on the last movie, as well as creating new ones.


Story a: 10 years in the future, Carly just got engaged to her college boyfriend, Josh. Freddie is freaking out, convinced that Josh is not good enough for her. He realizes that, once she gets married, his chances will be officially over. He decides to do everything he can to stop this wedding, and Sam is willing to do everything she can to bring Freddie back to his senses. At the wedding ceremony, Sam manages to put some sense in Freddie’s head, and he stops – when he is about to actually ruin the wedding. Then, at the party, Sam and Freddie are dancing and she kisses him.

Story b: In NY, Carly and Josh met in college. They start dating, but things are not as easy as it looks like, ‘cause Josh have lots of secrets. As it turns out, he is involved with drugs. Sam manages to get him clean, thought. In California, Sam got herself a job as a waitress, but she misses studying, so she decides she wants to go to college. She tries her best, and near the end of the movie, she gets in. In YALE, Freddie have a crush on a teacher – Mrs. Grey. The eventually get in a relationship.