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Scream 5 is an American slasher film and the fifth installment in the Scream film series.


One night, while Carrie is home alone watching one of the Stab movies, when the phone rings. She picks up but there is only silence. She gives up and go take a shower. On the shower, ghostface appears and kills her. Sidney is the one to find the body.

Dewey and Logan are investigating this, while Gale is walking around being Gale, when something calls her attention. There's a young reporter, Alex Jones, asking lots of questions about it. She finds out he wants to write a new book on the Woodsboro killing. Meanwhile, Kirby - who is now in college - is having a hard time dealing with it, as well as Sidney, who starts suspecting her boyfriend, Ryan. But once Ghostface kills Ryan as well, things get more complicated. Among Ghostface's victims are the dean - Fred Krammer -, Kirby's teacher Mr. Jensen, and Roxane. Logan is worried about his mother, Rachel Cooper, and he should be, because Ghostface also kills her.

By the end of the movie, Ghostface shows up at Dewey and Gale's house, attacking them. He manages to kill Dewey, but before he kills Gale, she manages to unmask him. Ghostface is revealed to be Sidney, who seems to be a complete different person. Sidney sees her face in the mirror and runs away, leaving Gale alive.