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Theatrical release poster

Scream 6 is an American slasher film and the sixth installment in the Scream film series. It is the first Scream movie to take place immediatly after the previous one.


Dewey's body is being taken when Logan arrives. Gale tells him everything that happened and that Sidney is the killer. Ghostface goes after Kirby, and kills her (but first kills her mother). Then, Ghostface attacks on Woodsboro High, going after a girl called Molly, that reminds her of a younger Sidney, attacking all of her friends and stuff. Sidney does her best to stop the killing, but once Ghostface takes control there is nothing she can do besides watching in horror . The FBI sends an expecialist, James Lovett, to take over the case. Ghostface kidnaps Emily, Molly's best friend, and tortures her. Gale manages to find Ghostface's hiding place, but Ghostface kills her. Sidney "wakes up" next to Gale's body, seconds beofre Logan (who followed Gale) arrives. She realizes what she did and she can't live with the guilt, so she pretends she's still ghost face and attacks Logan, knowing he'll have no choice other than shooting her. Sidney dies, and with her, Ghostface dies.

Or, at least, that's what everybody thinks. The movie takes an 1-year-jump to the future in it's final minutes, when we see Ghostface breaking into Molly's home and killing her mother.