Totally Spies: The Next Generation is a spin-off of the famous cartoon Totally Spies. The cgi animation follows the events on the movie of same name , The first season had 18 episodes, including a 3 parts special season finale. It was described by the media as "not a child's cartoon".


Season oneEdit

In its first season, the show follows Diego, Logan and Seth on the exciting life of international super spies and also on their high school life. Tim Scam is the new principal at Beverly Hills High, and so Dean got himself a job as a teacher, so he can keep an eye in the villain. The Girls join them in a few missions as well.


S01E01 – It’s A Villain’s Villain’s Villain’s world

The boys are back in school after summer vacation, which they’ve spent travelling all over the world, all on WOOHP’s. In their first day of school they’re sent in a mission to investigate a girl whose abducting members of a famous boy band. On the B story, the boys come back to find things are still the same. Kelly, the object of Seth’s affection still doesn’t know he exists. Logan is still the school’s bad boy. And Diego is still the jock.

S01E02 – Fight Club

Logan joins a fight club, along with other kids from his school, only he is on a mission. The fights are being recorded and published on the internet, and he needs to find the responsible and put an end to this. On the B story, Diego and Seth are both having problems with Dean as a teacher.

S01E03 – Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions.

Seth wants to win Kelly’s heart, and he’s willing to do anything – so he gets Logan to teach him how to be cool. It doesn’t work, and he ends up getting advice from one of his bosses – Sam, who helps him a lot, actually. On the B story, the girls and the boys work together investigating a weird caseof dogs that are being kidnapped.

S01E04 – The Wizard Of Brokeback Hills

Logan and Diego are spending a lot more time together. They start to see things on each other they hadn’t seen before. But things get really awkward between them once they realize they are starting to fall for each other. On the B story, a wizard is starting to terrorize Beverly Hills and the boys go after him. As it turns out, he is just a dude on a Halloween costume. Once he is caught, he says she would have gotten away with it “if it wasn’t for those meddling spies!”

S01E05 – A Midsummer Afternoon’s Dream

Love is in the air in Beverly Hills High – weather people like it or not. When the boys don’t show up for a mission and Dean doesn’t answer either, the girls realize that there is something wrong. They decide to investigate, but once Sam and Alex step inside the school they become madly in love with two teachers. It’s up for Clover and Mandy to find out what is going on. As it turns out, a student managed to create a substance that made people fall in love. They manage to defeat him, who then confesses he was only trying to get Kelly to notice him. It didn’t worked, thought. On the B story, Logan and Diego are the cutest couple ever, and Clover runs into a stranger who flirts with her.

S01E06 – I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Logan and Diego are not talking about how they are madly in love with each other and this is just screwing their game on the missions. They let a villain escape and decide to discuss the subject. Then they kiss. On the B story, the boys investigate a mysterious group of handyman that are stealing some objects that, apparently, have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

S01E07 – Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Kelly almost gets hit by a car, but Seth saves her life – which puts him in the hospital. He spends the whole episode unconscious, and she starts to think about him. On a B story, Logan and Diego go after the guy who ran over their friend.

S01E08 – Seth’s Anatomy

As Seth wakes up, still in the hospital, he meets a thankful Kelly. They then become friends. Logan and Diego are secretly dating. While Seth is on the hospital, he is temporarily replaced by a new agent on his team. On a B story, the mysterious handyman attack again.

S01E09 – Girlfriend

Seth leaves the hospital and goes back to the team. The fourth wheel then leaves for a new team. On the B story, Clover and the guy she met by accident have been going out for a while now, and he finally asks her to be his girlfriend. She says yes.

S01E10 – I’m Coming Out

A cheerleader starts hitting on Diego. He does his best to let her go easy, but she doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. He then, out of the blue, decides to come out. On a B story, Seth and Kelly are quickly becoming best friends

S01E11 – All By Myself

When people start to disappear on school, out of the blue, just vanish in the air, and the boys can’t contact WOOHP, they decide they’ll have to do some spy on their own. As it turns out, this is not real, is just training.

S01E12 – Beauty And The Geek

As Kelly starts to fall for Seth, she wonders if he’s worth losing the “most popular girl in school” place over. On a B story, the mysterious handyman attack once more

S01E13 – The Bodyguard

Diego went from the most popular to basically the most bullied at Beverly Hills High. A couple of bad boys decide to attack him, but once Logan sees it, he gets in a fight with them, kick their asses, and do something no one was expecting: he kiss Diego in front of everybody. He then says that whoever touches his boyfriend will get in serious trouble with him. On a B story, Clover’s boyfriend stood her up.

S01E14 – Secrets

The mysterious handyman are working for a mysterious man in a mask and a suit.

S01E15 – The Double-O Caesar

Kelly stops fighting her feelings for Seth and they start dating. Logan and Diego are doing great on their relationship. Clover’s, on the other hand, isn’t that great. The mysterious man – who turns out to be Caesar, Clover’s boyfriend, breaks into WOOHP to steal something. Clover was in there, working late, and he attacks her and kidnaps her.

S01E16 – Totally Screwed Part 01

Kelly joined the gang at school. She is getting used to not being popular real quick. Meanwhile, Sam and Alex get kidnapped by Caesar’s handyman. Britney, Mandy and Dean are captured as well. The Handyman then show up at school to get the boys. They fight and the boys (and Kelly) manage to escape.

S01E17 – Totally Screwed Part 02

On the running, the boys try to contact WOOHP, but can’t. Seth explains to Kelly all about the whole super-spy thing. They arrive at WOOHP and manage to get in, only to find the place crashed. They go through the security camera’s images. Meanwhile, Caesar is revealed to be actually Tetsuo (“Computer Creep Much?”). And he reveals he haves a new plan. The boys finds out what happened and leave Kelly at a safe place before going after the girls.

S01E18 – Totally Screwed Part 03

It is revealed that the item Tetsuo stolen from WOOHP was an old GLADIS. He reprograms it and connects it to a machine he built with the bunch of stuff his handyman had been stealing. This machine now gives him access to every single computer in the world. Every bank account, every computer, everything. There is no privacy anymore, he owns privacy. The boys get to him and break in, fighting with a bunch of handyman in their way. They manage to get to the main room where the girls are, and they release them. Now, the boys, the girls, and the third trio (Mandy, Dean and Britney) engage in a fight against Tetsuo and his handyman. Tetsup manages to escape, but the boys go after him. When they are about to capture him, he pulls a gun and points it to Diego. He shoots Diego, but before anyone can see it, Logan jumped in front of him, taking the bullet instead. Logan falls to the ground, Diego holds him closer in his arms. The girls arrive and manage to capture Tetsuo. They also call an ambulance. The episode ends with Diego holding Logan in his arms, crying and whispering “it’s gonna be okay. Please, be okay.”