Totally Spies: The Next Generation is both the second live action adaptation of the famous cartoon Totally Spies , being the direct sequel to Totally Back , but also working as a pilot for the newest Spin Off of the same name.


In the first scene we see three boys running from Sam, Clover and Alex. The girls manage to surround them, but they fight their way out of it, using some WOOHP gadgets. Once they escape, they manage to capture the girls. It is revealed then that this was their training, as they are the newest team to join WOOHP. The boys – Diego, Logan and Seth - then are congratulated by the girls, and they throw a “party” for themselves (it’s really just a sleepover at Diego’s with pizza and a movie). Meanwhile, Mandy is kidnapped from her own house.

It is revealed then that Mandy, Dean and Britney were working on a case of celebrities that disappeared, and then appeared committing crimes. They went to jail and got the first page of the tabloids, but they all said the same thing: I have no idea what happened.

The Girls decide to keep Dean and Britney on the case, not wanting to warn the kids. But once Mandy re-appears robbing a bank, they have no other choice other than calling the boys for their first mission. They do their best to investigate without getting in trouble with their high school lives, and they manage to do it. They find out that all the celebrities had one thing in common: they all had their crimes covered by the same reporter – Arnold Jackson. As it turns out, Arnold was kidnapping and hypnotizing those celebrities in order to get news. They manage to stop him and he is arrested. The celebrities have their memories erased, as well as everybody else involved on the crimes., and life comes back to normal.

In the final scene, the boys have decided to celebrate with yet another sleepover, this time at Seth’s. But in the middle of the night, they receive another call from the Girls, with a new mission.